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Where do you keep my money ? Is it safe ?
Where do you keep my money ? Is it safe ?
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We do not keep the money you deposit into your Birdee account. It is held by our partner bank, Sutor Bank, in an account reserved for you. This is also where the assets (ETFs) that make up your portfolios are deposited.

Your securities do not appear on Birdee’s balance sheet or Sutor Bank’s balance sheet; this means that you can recover them whenever you like – even if Sutor bank or Birdee goes bankrupt. In addition, your assets are covered by the Luxembourg Investor Compensation System (SIIL) up to a maximum of € 20,000 per client. So even if Birdee went bankrupt, you could recover your portfolios and the corresponding value of the sums you’ve invested.

There’s no way that we or our Sutor Bank – or anyone else – could use your money for its own operations.

In addition, Birdee is subject to intense verification by the regulator to ensure that your assets are always available and totally separate from the equity holdings of Birdee and Sutor Bank.

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