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How do I change my bank account?
How do I change my bank account?
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It is only possible to change your bank account on our web application. By changing your bank account, you will need to make a deposit from it in order to validate it. Without this deposit, you will not be able to make withdrawals.

To change your bank account number:

  1. Log into your customer area

  2. Click on your user tab, on "My information"

  3. Go to the sub-section "Investor information"

  4. Click the "Edit" button next to the IBAN field

  5. Indicate your IBAN

  6. Click on "Save"

  7. Enter your password and click on the "OK" button

  8. You are redirected to the deposit page in order to make a payment

When we receive the payment, we’ll delete your old IBAN.

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