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How do I make regular payments?
How do I make regular payments?
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The recurring transfer from the application is currently unavailable. This is still under development.

However, you can schedule regular payments at the frequency of your choice (weekly, monthly, bimonthly....) for each of your portfolios from your bank. The easiest way to do this is to enter a standing order on your IBAN account, the same one you used when you first invested.

Do not forget to indicate the reference of the portfolio concerned. This reference is indicated in the e-mail we sent you when you made your first payment (a succession of letters interspersed with a dash on the abcd-ef model; if your bank does not allow you to put the dash in the communication, use the abcd ef model).

If you wish to test these regular payments from the Birdee website, you can do so virtually. To do so, first create your virtual portfolio. Then, click on the "Invest" button in your portfolio: you can then choose the frequency of your payments (weekly, monthly, bimonthly...). This allows you to measure the impact of a regular payment on the evolution of your portfolio.

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