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What is the implication of TOB for Birdee users who live in Belgium?
What is the implication of TOB for Birdee users who live in Belgium?
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The transactions associated with Birdee portfolios of Belgian residents are liable to the tax on stock-exchange transactions (TST).

The tax rate applicable to ETFs can be 0.12%, 0.35% or 1.32%. The legislator differentiates ETFs according to their type (distribution or capitalization), their legal status and whether they are registered with the Belgian authorities.

Birdee’s selection of ETFs is based on different risk profiles, performance criteria, liquidity, etc. Taxation is not a priority selection criterion, but neither do we not neglect this consideration to optimize our clients’ TST cost.

In principle, Belgian residents who place orders via an intermediary that is not established in Belgium are required to declare and pay the TOB themselves. Nevertheless, to spare you a lengthy and complicated procedure, Birdee has decided to do it for you.

In light of this, Birdee will calculate and pay the TST to the Belgian Ministry of Finance on your behalf on a monthly basis. The amounts due will be levied directly from the impacted portfolios.

Moving forward, the details of the TST payments made for your account will de found under the "My Reports" tab. In addition, all data are stored and documented to provide the Belgian tax authorities with the relevant supporting documents.

You may rest assured that Birdee will always strive to make your life easier and ensure that you are compliant with your regulatory obligations.

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