We have defined five investor profiles: Dynamic, Protector, Stable, Moderate and Defensive.

Each profile is based on risk perception and risk aversion and each has its own characteristics:

  • Dynamic: Priority is given to the best performance. Regardless of the level of risk, the investor is willing to assume a period of losses in an attempt to achieve high gains.

  • Protector: Priority is given to the protection of capital. What the investor wants above all is to avoid a loss of value of his starting capital. Even if that means less stable returns.

  • Stable: The investor's priority is to obtain constant returns. He prefers to see his capital provide him with a steady return (like a life annuity) even if the value of his starting capital is lowered.

  • Moderate: The investor who meets this profile seeks to balance his search for stable returns and the protection of his capital. He is aware that the search for returns implies a higher level of risk but he is not prepared to bear heavy losses.

  • Defensive: The investor's priority is to obtain maximum security. He prefers to maximize the chances of recovering his starting capital, even if he earns very little money, than to rely on superior but unsecured returns.

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