French taxpayers are subject to tax on income and capital gains.

Since the new law introducing the “Flat tax”, you are now free to choose how the dividends and capital gains generated by your Birdee portfolio will be taxed when filing your tax return.

  • Whether at the unique withholding tax rate of 30% ("prélèvement forfaitaire unique" or PFU), social taxes included;

  • Whether at the normal scale of the tax on income, plus social taxes.

The amounts to be mentioned in your tax return are specified in the tax report we send you every year.

Please note: the capital gains generated by your Birdee portfolio are only subject to the “flat rate” if you redeem all or part of your portfolio. This implies that you only have to pay this tax if you withdraw money from your portfolio. In this case, the tax will be applied to the realized capital gains. If you keep your entire portfolio, you won’t have any tax to pay, even if your portfolio has generated capital gains.

Dividends remain taxed.

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